Child Custody and Parenting Articles

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Google "Winning Custody" and you'll get over 5 million hits - mostly people trying to convince you that their "can't miss" product or service will win your custody battle for you.

That's not what we're about. Yes, Custody Toolbox can help you organize your information in a way that can help out in your custody case. But it's really up to you. It's up to you to spend the time and effort to get and stay organized. It's up to you to actually be the parent that looks out for the best interests of your child(ren).

Here are some articles to support and encourage you in that effort.

Five Common Child Custody Myths - Bret Reece

Because child custody battles are often so emotional and inflammatory, there tends to be a lot of exaggeration and misinformation floating around. Here are 5 common myths relating to child custody.   More...

The ABCs of Custody Journals - Bret Reece

If you’re serious about winning your custody case and protecting your children’s rights, you have to get serious about keeping a good, detailed custody journal.  More...

Six Good Reasons to be Nice to Your Ex - Bret Reece

When people divorce, negative emotions run out of control. Months or even years of pent-up frustration, hurt, and anger finally find their way to the surface. Add a custody battle to the mix and it’s no wonder divorcing parents are often so bitter and hurtful in their dealings with each other.  More...

Four Tips To Ensure Divorcing Parents Do Not Engage In Alienating Parenting Behavior - Dr. Charles Sophy

Parenting can be difficult at times even when there are two of you at home to share the parenting duties. As a divorced parent there are many more stresses to deal with. Even when marriages end, families remain. Your choices and behaviors in parenting can have an enormous impact on your children's adjustment to the losses and stresses of your divorce or separation.  More...

Helping Your Children Handle Divorce - Dr. Charles Sophy

Every year over one million parents have to talk to their kids about divorce. For each parent, the discussions differ, but the goals of the discussions are universal: to openly and honestly reassure your child of your love.  More...

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