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Purchasing Five O'clock Software Programs
Program (click program name below to purchase) Price (USD)
Custody Toolbox 2.0 (CD optional on order page for additional $10 USD) $49.95

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a license for a Five O'clock Software product. If you have any comments or questions about the purchasing process, please feel free to contact us at Internet e-mail address

Purchasing a license for one of our programs entitles you to "unlock" the program and continue to use it beyond the evaluation period. It also entitles you free upgrades on all minor releases and discounted upgrades when new major releases come out. For example, purchasing version 2.0 of Custody Toolbox would entitle you to upgrade all the way up to version 2.99 for free.  Then, you'd be eligible for a discount on future versions.

When you purchase a license for a Five O'clock Software program, we'll e-mail you an unlock code along with instructions on how to unlock the program.  You will also receive (via e-mail) an electronic receipt confirming your purchase.

All Five O'clock Software programs are available electronically. That is, you download and evaluate the program and when you purchase a license for that program, you receive the unlock code.

If you'd rather have the program on CD, you can choose that option on our secure ordering page for an additional $10 USD.  Please note that purchasing the CD is completely optional.  We just offer it for those that prefer to have an "official hard copy."

Five O'clock Software offers secure on-line credit card purchases, PayPal purchases, and purchases by check or money order through BMT Micro, a well known, respected credit card processing service.  If you'd prefer not to give your credit card information on our secure ordering server, we also offer the option to order with your credit card by phone or fax.  We chose BMT Micro because they specialize in secure on-line transaction processing, they have an excellent reputation, and they offer many ways to make purchases.  If you'd like to read more about them, feel free to browse their website at  We're sure you'll be satisfied with what you find.

Remember, if you have any comments or questions about the purchasing process, please feel free to contact us at Internet e-mail address


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